10 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips to Declutter Your Life

Spring is in the air, the flowers are in bloom, and the birds are chirping – and it's all telling you to get rid of the clutter that surrounds you.


Are you ready?


Spring cleaning offers you a great time to declutter your life, and if done well it can set the tone for your whole year.


What few people realize is that not only it is the spring the best time to clean and organize, but it's also the best time to reduce and remove the amount of clutter in your life.


To help you get started, here are 7 useful tips for making an efficient and organized spring cleaning plan:


1. Schedule all cleaning tasks onto your calendar – writing it down in permanent ink will reinforce your commitment to declutter


2. Make lists of your key clutter areas, and concentrate your activities on these productivity clogging areas


3. Plan your spring cleaning tasks over the course of several weeks – not just days – you will eliminate the pressure and stress of having to get it done all in one weekend


4. Keep in mind that some tasks require several days, and many will require multiple task steps for preparation


5. Combine activities that allow multitasking. For example, while doing laundry you can clean your blinds between loads


6. Save valuable cleaning and declutter time by planning certain activities that should precede others, like dusting before vacuuming


7. Separate clutter items into piles: keep, maybe, trash, recycle, and take action from there


8. Discuss your expectations with your family helpers (e.g. “garage cleaned so cars can park inside”); it will improve your results


9. Write out your plan in clear terms that can be referenced during next year's cleaning; or better yet, start a spring cleaning task binder or notebook


10. Remember to trust your plan when new tasks pop-up during your cleaning. Avoid the temptation to wander into tasks that aren’t on your plan for the day. Any time that happens, write down the new task and it in your planner.


Start your spring cleaning and decluttering plan today. It's a sure way to become a more organized and productive individual and household.

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