Tips for fighting procrastination

Breaking Through Procrastination


Having trouble getting things done? Here are three simple tips for facing procrastination head-on and fighting through unpleasant tasks:

1. Anytime you're faced with an unpleasant task, evaluate the need to do it at all. Ask if it can be done less often or more quickly. Is it a task that can be bartered away or hired out? If you must handle it, try to do it sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the more hateful it becomes. You can spend a great deal of anxious psychic energy doing the job in your mind over and over again. Spend that energy actually doing the task and then begin to reap the benefits of having it finished.

2. Do not let fear immobilize you. A good technique to use in lessening its impact is to actively visualize yourself facing and overcoming it. Do you believe that the audience will laugh at you? That they will ask you questions you cannot answer? That they will doubt your expertise?

3. When you find yourself procrastinating ask yourself "What is really so bad about it?" Remember, anticipation is much worse than the actual occurrence can ever be. When you simply are not in the mood to tackle the project, remember: Once you start something related to the project, no matter how small that portion may be, you are no longer procrastinating.

Remember to keep your tasks in perspective. Set small goals for yourself and just set out to do one thing after another. Enjoy your productivity!



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