Balancing Work & Life...and the Clutter In-between

How do you achieve a work and life balance? The answer may surprise you but is actually quite simple: Eliminate clutter. To do this, you need to get organized and simplify your work and home lives and spaces. There are several steps you can take to accomplish this:

One bite at a time: Approach de-cluttering tasks in small chunks-15 minutes at a time works well. This makes the tasks at hand more manageable and provides you with a genuine sense of accomplishment.

You've got mail: Email is a huge contributor to clutter. Set specific times during the day to check these-we suggest limiting it to 3-4 times. For regular paper mail, checking it once per day is more than sufficient.

It's okay to throw it away: When looking at clutter, purge items whenever possible. Make this a regular task in your effort to be clutter-free.

Don't go it alone: Ask for help! At home, ask your spouse or partner to pitch in to the effort. At work, look at ways you can move your administrative duties to an intern, virtual assistant or student volunteer.

Get rid of the piles: It's easy to get into the habit of piling up papers. As soon as you have something that could be stacked up, such as notes and information on a specific project at work or medical bills arriving at your home, file them away accordingly.



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